Brandon and Becky Cox

Brandon and Becky Cox serve as Pastor of CrossingPoint. They are the parents of Kaleb and Konner. Brandon started in ministry as a Sunday School teacher, and has done everything from outreach to director of ministries. Brandon is bilingual, and worked in various contracting positions for DOD. He has his Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University, and is pursuing his Master of Divinity from Regent University. He also loves fishing with Kaleb and Konner and riding his bike. 

Becky has worked in as a design consultant helping people with the interior design of their new homes, and as a floral designer and wedding consultant. She is currently the office manager at The Henry Ford Academy, The Alameda School or Art + Design. She is passionate about seeing others grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jared and Ashlyn Ready

Jared and Ashlyn joined the team at CrossingPoint in August 2014. They are full of energy and excited about serving CrossingPoint students through Guide Student Ministries - GSM. They meet with GSM every Wednesday night @ 7:30pm.

Jeff and Cathy Flores

Jeff and Cathy Flores are an awesome team. You should hear their testimony of where God has brought them from. They both are equipped with Masters Degrees from OLLU, have done work in the nonprofit sector and have been a great asset to Crossingpoint. Cathy serves as our office manager and Jeff serves as our program director for our weekend services.

Rudy and Becky Alarcon